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Congress Topicsمحورهای کنگره

 1.Clinical Infection and Vaccine
 2.Molecular Diagnosis and Typing
 3.Antimicrobial agents and Resistance
 5.Microbial Infection and Cancer
 6.Microbial Metabolites and Diseases
 8.Food and Water Microbiology
 9.Applied and Environmental Microbiology
10.Zonosis and Veterinary Microbiology
11.Biotechnology and Microbial Nanotechnology
12.Microbial Metabolites and Cancer Treatment
13.Oral Microbiology
14.Pharmaceutical Microbiology
15.Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases

Invited speaker Gallery
Prof. SKURNIK Mikael

Exploiting Bacteriophages: Phage therapy initiative in Finland.  

Dr. Akbar Dastjerdi 

Infectious disease investigation: from field to the lab.

Dr. Massimo Scacchia

Dr. Mo Salaman


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