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Message scientific secretaryپیام دبیر علمی کنگره

Dear colleagues, we look forward welcoming you to the 19th Iranian congress of Microbiology to be held in Tehran, from 4 to 6September 2018. We are happy to invite all anticipated participants to shareand explore their research findings as Keynote presentations, oral talks,poster presentations, symposiums and workshops.

The 2018 annual conference focus on the latest and exiting innovation in allareas of microbiology research including diagnosis, pathogenesis, typing and epidemiology of infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, food microbiology, emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, clinical microbiology and vaccine, zoonotic diseases and microbial biotechnology. This meeting also offers a unique opportunity for investigators to meet, network andperceive new scientific innovations.

Mohammad Mehdi Aslani

Invited speaker Gallery
Prof. SKURNIK Mikael

Exploiting Bacteriophages: Phage therapy initiative in Finland.  

Dr. Akbar Dastjerdi 

Infectious disease investigation: from field to the lab.

Dr. Massimo Scacchia

Brucella abortus vaccine strain RB51 efficacy in water buffalo; status of art of an animal experimentation

 Dr. Herbert Tomaso

Bioinformatics in the routine laboratory

Dr. Helmut Hotzel

DNA microarray technology and its usefulness in genetic researches of bacteria

Dr. Christian Seyboldt

Clostridium difficile as a possible zoonotic agent, strains from animal hosts and their genomic diversity


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