Message scientific secretary

Scientific Secretary of the Congress
Dear Colleagues, students and researchers
On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is a great pleasure and privilege to invite you to the Iran’s 21th International congress of Microbiology, which will be held on 18-20 August 2020 in Tehran, Iran.  The congress will offer a unique forum for participants to exchange knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics related with microbiology particularly medical microbiology.
The most resonating topics will be addressed including: emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and nosocomial infections, new techniques and approaches in clinical microbiology, immunization and vaccine, new approaches against resistant pathogens, microbiota, zoonotic diseases, medical microbiology in disasters, industrial, applied and food microbiology. During congress, beside to oral and poster presentation, committee will prepare a series of keynote lectures, panel discussion, symposia, educational workshops and meet-the-expert sessions on parallel tracks covering the main topics of the congress.
The congress will be a great opportunity for valuable colleagues, students, and researchers in the field of microbiology where they can update their knowledge, share their experiences and strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation.  I hope you will enjoy the congress and will be useful for your carrier and future research.
 Hossein Dabiri, PhD, MPH, RMCCM



Conference organizers