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Executive Secretary of the Congress
The 21th International congress of Microbiology of Iran will be held on 18-20 August 2020 in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. In this scientific event, the most novel scientific achievements and investigations will be considered in different section including keynote lectures, educational panels, and oral and poster presentation with the presence of prominent international scientists in various subject areas. Celebration in honor of our veteran professors is one of the routine programs as former congresses.
On behalf of the Executive Committee, I kindly appreciate the valuable participation of dear Professors and Microbiologists in this event.
I hereby would like to thank the president of School of Medicine of Tehran University of Medical sciences, financial supporters and all of the executive members for their sincere collaborations with preparation of holding the forthcoming congress.
Besides I would like to highlight the important role of productive and knowledge based companies, which will be introduced in exhibition section of the congress, in providing research materials and equipment in our country.
Dr. Abbas Abdollahi

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