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Abstract Submission Guidelineراهنمای ارسال خلاصه مقالات


Poster guidelines

The 17th International and Iranian Microbiology Congress of Microbiology (ISM 2016)

Main Tips:

·         Please write your poster in English

·         Poster size: 84 cm (height) x 59 cm (width) in portrait format (no landscape).

·         The structure of poster is included Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References. Please don’t write abstract and just put the main parts of your study in poster and the number of the references should be limited.

·         The poster should be written in single or double columns (double columns is priority).

·         The space of the lines from the left and right sides of the poster should be at least 3 cm.

·         The space between lines should be 1.5 cm.

·         The font for the text and headlines should be Book antique or Times News Romans.

·         The font size of title should be Arial Black and 44-point. 20 point font size (Bold) is recommended for headings and 20point font size for the content.

·         The color of the poster is optional.

·         Please don’t use a picture as a background.

·         Please clearly indicate the given name(s) and family name(s) of each author and check that all names are accurately spelled. Present the authors' affiliation addresses below the names. Indicate all affiliations with a lowercase superscript letter immediately after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address. Please underline and mark the name of Corresponding author with the star (*) and write his/her email address.

·         Figures should not be smaller than 12 cm x 18 cm.

·         The legends of the tables and figures should be written on the top and below, respectively.

·          Please just use the pictures that were taken from your study as a picture in your poster.

·         The suggested softwares for poster designing are Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft office publisher and Microsoft office PowerPoint.

·         Adhesives for posting will be provided by the participants.

·         Authors are asked to attend their poster during the allocated poster viewing time.


Invited speaker Gallery
Prof. SKURNIK Mikael

Exploiting Bacteriophages: Phage therapy initiative in Finland.  

Dr. Akbar Dastjerdi 

Infectious disease investigation: from field to the lab.

Dr. Massimo Scacchia

Brucella abortus vaccine strain RB51 efficacy in water buffalo; status of art of an animal experimentation

 Dr. Herbert Tomaso

Bioinformatics in the routine laboratory

Dr. Helmut Hotzel

DNA microarray technology and its usefulness in genetic researches of bacteria

Dr. Christian Seyboldt

Clostridium difficile as a possible zoonotic agent, strains from animal hosts and their genomic diversity


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